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Oguz Barrow Artifacts: Scythian Horses’ Harness Decorations

You can read about the Oguz Royal Scythian Kurgan here.

Scythian Wild Boar Silver Rhyton found in Ukraine but now in Louvre, France

From the little available information, the rhyton was stolen by Moscow and sold to France. Now in Louvre. "Royal Scythia, Greece, Kyiv...

Scythian Heracles and Medusa gold plates from Chmyreva Barrow in Ukraine

"Harness and cars were decorated with all imaginable metal plates of gold or bronze. Especially important were the frontlets and cheek...

Which famous Ukrainians could represent Royal Scythians?

News Site in the USA: "Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra”, a four-part docuseries exploring the life and reign of Cleopatra, was released this...

Unique Pole top with Papaiosa [Scythian Zeus] and Scythian World Tree 

"The only gods they try to appease are Hestia, who is their most important divinity, Zeus, and Earth," whom they consider...

Famous Scythian Snake Goddess Gold Frontlet. Tsymbalka Kugan

Herodotus recorded the Greek myth of Herakles and the snake goddess in what is now Scythia: "The Hellenes who inhabit the...

Oguz Scythian Royal Kurgan: Second Largest in Ukraine

With 20m in height, Oguz was the second-largest Scythian barrow situated in the lower Dnieper area. Alexandropol Kurgan was the first...

Krasnokutsk Scythian Barrow & northern European beast-style millennium later

"In the same neighbourhood as Chertomlyk is the Krasnokutsk barrow. In its mound Zabélin found the fragments of a funeral car...

Tsymbalka Kurgan: Scythian Serpent Goddess

"On the S. side of the river, in the district of Melitopol, government of Taurida, is the barrow Tsymbalka near Bélozérka....

Who Was Buried in Alexandropol Kurgan: Skulls from Scythian Royal Barrow

A.E. Liutsenko who excavated Alexandropol kurgan in 1854–55, was the first who preserved the skulls of the people who were buried...

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