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Jack Palance, Oscar-winning Ukrainian cowboy

Jack Palance born Volodymyr Palahniuk; February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006) was an American actor of Ukrainian descent. He was nominated...

Chuck Palahniuk of Ukrainian descent


George Kistiakowsky: Ukrainian who made Manhatten Project work and first Atomic bomb explode

" George Kistiakowsky (1900-1982) was a Ukrainian-American physical chemist.  He joined the Manhattan...

Ukrainians in NHL

Did you know that the greatest Wayne Gretzky is half-Ukrainian (on his father's side) and grew up in Ukrainian environment? His...

Ukrainian-American Sgt. Michael Strank was 1 of 6 Marines who raised flag on Mt....

" Michael Strank (November 10, 1919 – March 1, 1945) was a United States Marine Corps sergeant who was killed...

Ukraine Vyshyvanka/ Embroidery Shirt Day

To me, it means that this nation is capable to appreciate and reflect the beauty of nature.

R.I.P., NHL Hall-of-Famer Dale Hawerchuk

The leading scorer in the first iteration of the Winnipeg Jets and a member of the Hockey Hall of...

Movie about legendary Ukrainian-Canadian goalkeeper

His last name in Ukraine is pronounced as Savchouk (second vowel as in "hook" - ).

Save thousands of lives: a young immigrant from Ukraine creates a unique DNA robot...

"The girl created an artificial macromolecule robot that can deliver drugs to the brain cells of patients with...

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